What are the benefits of using SKALE?

The primary benefits of using an elastic sidechain are faster commit times, greater throughput, and lower transaction costs. The advantages of using the SKALE Network in particular include a robust security model (based on random selection and frequent rotation of validator nodes), virtualized and containerized validator nodes, variable chain sizes, expandable on-chain storage options, BLS rollups, full EVM and Web3 compatibility, and more.

You can visit the SKALE Network: Technical Highlights for a deeper dive into the benefits of the network including:

  • Zero to Near-Zero Gas Fees
  • Random Node Selection/Frequent Node Rotation
  • Virtualized Subnodes
  • Containerized Validator Nodes
  • Consensus via Asynchronous Binary Byzantine Agreement (ABBA)
  • BLS Rollups
  • Node Monitoring
  • Ethereum Interoperability.
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