Status for a Block Explorer

I think I read there will be powerful api’s to query data?

Any plans for a public block explorer?

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@Bryan_Plasters - SKALe Labs is working to finding a solution to a more feature-complete block explorer. At this time we are researching using a partner, create a Gitcoin bounty, or build one internally. A block explorer will be made available before the Mainnet launch this summer.

As for the APIs, we are also working with partners to provide access to query data on the SKALE Chains. Let us know if you are currently using any Ethereum based analytics tools, and we’d be happy to seek out an integration.

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Thanks, Christine. As far as API-building I’m looking at TheGraph. IIRC SKALE is pursuing integrating with them in the last AMA?

With any luck, we will have an integration finalized with the The Graph in June! Excited for this integration, and @ebru-skale is working on testing the integration as well as writing up documentation for using The Graph on SKALE.

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