Skale MainNet Launch FAQ


Can I purchase tokens on June 30th?
Network launch was in Q2, what’s the update?

Phase 1: June 30, 2020: :rocket:

(NO STAKING or REWARDS, Rewards will be turned on in Phase 2) Phase 1 will be a restricted Mainnet that will not have any bounty, transfers, or issuance active in the Network. This phase will support the initial strengthening and security of the Network, which will be further hardened and decentralized throughout Phase 2.

Is the token sale date announced?
When will registration open for the SKL sale?
When is the delegation start?
When does staking start?
Can’t I buy token now?
I signed up for the Activate platform, but the quiz is not available. When can I pass the quiz?

**Phase 2:(Q3) ** :rocket: :triangular_flag_on_post:

For all the questions above:

Phase 2 will launch following the ConsenSys Activate Launch. A public allocation of tokens will be distributed via the Activate platform through a 3 day Dutch Auction. Activate team will announce the date for the network launch or the date when the quiz will be available. Please stay tuned, It’s soon! (Quiz will be available on the same day when the auction date gets announced)

Why do I need to take a quiz?

Before you can purchase tokens, Activate wants to ensure you understand the unique properties of the network and potential risks associated with purchasing and using your tokens. Before you take the quiz, please review the materials provided on the project page. These materials are also provided in the instructions screen when you click “Start Quiz.”

Every other question about the sale please check the activate site:

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