SKALE Dev Tools

The MyLilius Dev team has been heads down working on our core offering: MyLilius Wallet. However, as we’ve moved closer to a production launch we’ve taken the time to look around and build tools we believe could benefit the SKALE community as a whole. These tools include:

sFuel Station- MyLilius has created the sFUEL Station in conjunction with SKALE in order to provide users a place where they can quickly and easily attain sFUEL for any supported chain.
Read More: sFUEL Station - MyLilius

SKALE Chain Manager- This portal enables developers to configure roles, assign access, manage their on-chain multi-signature wallet(s), see core statistical information, and configure their IMA bridge.
Read More: SKALE Chain UI - MyLilius

As our journey progresses, the MyLilius team will continue to dedicate resources to expanding open-source tools for SKALE. We invite everyone to give these tools a test run and provide feedback in order to provide the best experience.