SKALE Labs has released a SKALE Chain SDK that allows developers to run a SKALE Chain for local development. The SDK does not yet include support for Decentralized Storage, or Interchain Messaging, but these features will be added in soon. You can download and run your own “SKALE Chain in a Box” by going to:

In case you don’t want to spin up your own SKALE Chain local environment, I have two endpoints hosting the SKALE Chain SDK code here:


ChainID= 344435
//Chain ID may be needed for wallets and other Ethereum tool integrations
ChainID: 344435
//Chain ID may be needed for wallets and other Ethereum tool integrations

Please note that these endpoints are for rapid and quick testing. If the SKALE Owner account is out of ETH, please head over to the SKALE faucet to obtain more.

Getting Started Documentation


FYI, I’m unable to connect to either testnet above via https. Or get eth via the SKALE faucet.

Error msg from truffle:

Error: PollingBlockTracker - encountered an error while attempting to update latest block:
Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: 502 Bad Gateway

Thanks for letting us know @Bryan_Plasters. I have restarted these test chains.

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Hi @christine, are there SKALE Mainnet websocket endpoints available yet?

Edit: or…“mainnet” refers to the combination of the SKALE contracts deployed on Ethereum mainnet, plus a SKALE side chain that I would setup on my own? In this case, there is no single mainnet websocket endpoint - I would need to setup a SKALE sidechain with websockets enabled, link it to the SKALE contracts on Ethereum mainnet, and then that would be my SKALE mainnet?

Still learning about this, let me know if I’ve misunderstood something!

Welcome to the SKALE forum @jeff!

These endpoints and endpoints created from the SDK are testing chains only for verifying integrations with SKALE pre-launch to mainnet. At this time, mainnet endpoints are not yet available, but will be soon!

We are close to the full network launch, and currently, the timeline for access to SKALE Chain on mainnet will be early October. Once launch, each project will be able to request their own SKALE Chain as you have described, but minus the setup. The setup on Mainnet will be automated, and the SDK will not be needed anymore.

In the meantime, these endpoints (or using the SDK) are available for testing locally.


Thanks @christine! We’ll keep our eyes out for the full network launch.

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Do these testnets connect to the DepositBox on any public ETH testnet?


Hello @Bryan_Plasters. The ABIs for interchain messaging are:

Rinkeby ABIs


I will provide documentation in just a moment.

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