SKALE Chain Pricing

SKALE dApp Pricing

The following information details SKALE chain pricing for dApp developers. These are work-in-progress figures and will be confirmed closer to the launch of the first SKALE chains in December 2020.

SKALE Chain Features

  • TPS and Storage are currently being finalized and the numbers above should be viewed as approximations and directionally correct

Monthly Target Pricing

Initial monthly SKL Chain pricing will fall close to the following targets

  • Small Chain: 3,500 SKL Tokens per month
  • Medium Chain: 27,000 SKL Tokens per month
  • Large Chain: 430,000 SKL Tokens per month

Dynamic Price Utilization Curve

SKALE’s pricing is dependent on a dynamic price curve based off of network load utilization. The purpose of this curve is to balance the supply and demand of network capacity to create a stable and cost-effective network. For example, as the network becomes more utilized, S-chains become more expensive to purchase. Surpassing 85+% network utilization sharply drives up the dApp fees entering the network as rewards, thus incentivizing more Validator nodes to enter and participate in the network. This model ensures balance across the network as usage grows. Examples off the pricing and utilization is illustrated below

I. Launch Promotion:

II. MainNet traction:

  • Price will start to increase and reach our target standard pricing as more dApps enter the network

III. High Network Utilization:

  • As more and more dApps enter the network, capacity will shrink and the dynamic pricing curve will come into play
  • The price will start to increase at a higher rate than before, in an effort to drive additional supply into the network

IV. Re-balanced network

  • Driven from the increased costs, a surplus of dApp fee rewards will enter the network
  • These additional rewards will incentivize new Validators to enter the network or existing ones to spin up additional nodes
    • E.g., As more rewards are being generated, total nodes grew from 500 to 700
  • As more nodes are available in the network, pricing will be pushed back towards its target area

V. Summary

  • Pricing will be dependent on the network’s utilization with a target goal of standard pricing
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