Infura or similar RPC service?

Will running a local node be required for connecting to SKALE or will there be an Infura-style RPC option available?

Great question. Developers will not need to run a local node, or use a third party RPC/WebSocket connector, such as Infura, to use SKALE. The process for accessing SKALE over RPC/WebSockets will be built in to the solution.

When your SKALE Chain is created, you will have access to a set of endpoints that you can use to access your SKALE Chain. You will have access to HTTP/HTTPS and WS/WSS versions of these endpoints at all times.

This was a design decision to make it easier for dApp developers to deploy their smart contracts and use the SKALE Network without having to bring in another tool to gain access.


We’re using a local RPC node, it took a few minutes to setup the new endpoints but you still need to get Rinkeby synced and that can take a while :slight_smile:

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